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02.16.03 (Jodylicious) > The subject title has nothing to do with this update :D I've been bad and haven't put up a Droolworthy for February. So here it is. Also, I think after I graduate and I can sit on my ass, I'm going to totally revamp this site again because I'm getting sick of the design and content :D More minimalism is the key!

01.08.03 (Still Not King) > I have a review of "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers". And since that movie is out now, the new Droolworthies will be back to a more regular rotation. Have you missed Keanu? He's back this month!

12.10.02 (GAP of Rohan) > SUPER late Droolworthy. The Two Towers comes out in a week! AHHHH!!

11.05.02 (Helm's Deep) > Late Droolworthy or more Legolas. New movie review of "The Ring".

10.03.02 (Lothlorien) > New Droolworthy in the tradition of counting down to movies. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is just two months away.

09.04.02 (Jigglin' Jello) > List of updates:

- New Droolworthy uploaded (Orlando).
- Added new papers to the "write" section: "The Ancient Mariner and the Meaning of Loneliness," "Variations on a Theme in Two Lullabies," "Chaucer and Methods of Characterization," "The Demise of Heroism in Dr. Strangelove and Apocalypse Now," "Replicants Dream of Electric Sheep," "Surface and Secret in a Superficial Los Angeles: The Day of the Locust and The Big Sleep," "From Anderson to Neo: Heroism in The Matrix." There's more coming, but I need to convert them from WordPerfect format.
- Added the "Illusion" series to the gallery. Yup, the form still isn't working. Blimey.
- New images in the visual collection.
- Honoring Chick Hearn: I made a simple new desktop/wallpaper to remember Chick by. Also there are new Chick Pics™ amongst the Lakers pics.

Furthur plans: I plan to add a LOT of movie reviews. I've been waiting to fix CrappyMac so I can retrieve some of the reviews on that HD, but I decided that I'd have to wait too long for my procrastinatin' self. So I'm just going to go ahead and update the reviews now and worry about everything else later. Also, look for another change to the index page. I promise Droolworthiness. I'm also looking for a better way to arrange the little fan buttons. I couldn't dispose of them, but it's getting a bit crowded! I don't know ... my heart is itching for a complete redesign of the site (along more minimalistic lines, a goal I set my eyes on when I first started this incarnation ... but we all know what happens to best laid plans :p), but I know it's not wise for me to start on that until I have loads of time on my hands. Which won't be in the near future, what with post-grad looming on the horizon. I know the articles on this page couldn't be more outdated (as if anyone reads them), but my growing list of unorganized bookmarks has morphed into an entity of its own--think Amazonian rain forest--so I haven't tackled it yet.

Oh, and my LiveJournal has gone public again. Although, if you hate sports, you probably don't want to read it <g>

08.05.02 (Guestbook) > Finally got the guestbook area working again. I don't know what happened with lycos but I had to log into my account and get the code again.

08.03.02 (Two Windmills) > New Droolworthy featuring everyone's favorite elf.

07.26.02 (Je Vous En Prie) > Added a few new Lakers wallpapers to the mix. "Threepeat" is a series of three wallpapers celebrating the Lakers' third championship in a row. I also added a lot of new Lakers/NBA photos, but I need to rearrange them a bit. I was so excited the other day because I saw Pat Riley in person!

07.06.02 (Some People Really Suck) > And I'm not naming names. Here's another Orlando Droolworthy. It's one of my favorites. Who says I say the word "drool" too much? Prft. Too lazy/tired to do anything else now. Work sucks. Dealing with stupid people really saps all my energy. I really need to update this site :(

06.03.02 (Survivor) > Okay, so I survived the heart-attack-inducing ordeal that was Lakers/Kings Game 7. Rest assured I will be putting up Lakers pics shortly. So I noticed a lot of you are coming to my site looking for "Orlando Bloom" and I feel bad that you've been deceived by that button I have on the frontpage. I hereby present to you this month's Droolworthy, presented for the first time here as well:

Don't say I never did anything for ya. If you like it, tell me!!!

05.05.02 (Tobey in Tights) > That heading was for DA. An itsy-bitsy spider says: Go read the "Spider-Man" review! Yeah I know I haven't written the "Panic Room" review yet :( Heh, just now I looked at the title of one of the articles I posted below--"Ray Allen leads Bucks to top of Eastern Conference"--and I snarfed. Heh. ::makes choking sounds::

05.02.02 (13 DAYS!!!!) > These are the last days of non-hairy Ewan. Droolworthy? You betcha.

04.14.02 (Red Vines) > Added a few favorite links. Don't feel like doing anything more now.

04.03.02 (Fool's Gambit) > I have a new ChubbyCheeks!Ewan droolworthy for you. Also added a few Lakers and NBA pics. Thanks to Sam for the hilarious captions. The mascot thing cracks me up, hehe. That's all for now, but I hope I'll be able to spare some time to upload all those articles I wanted to. Linking to Mirrors: A William Blake Project on the front page. It's a little site I made for school. Read and discuss. I'll be changing the front page periodically with pictures I found amusing.

03.03.02 (Splat!) > Whilst testing Opera I discovered I'd accidentally replaced the index page of this site with the index page of the archive. D'oh! Sorry about that. 'Tis all fixed now.

03.02.02 (Another One) > Another Droolworthy is up. More Obi! Could you ever get sick of him? Two months until Episode 2.

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