#trivia quotes for your enjoyment
Last Update: 5/11/00


"just another day in #trivia"

nerdy: i think i saw some chocobos on the way home

lisstune: if I don't stop eating all of these sweets I'll be queen butt

mousiah: keripes,all i say are funny things,just not on purpose

Polonius: It's Jerry Springer night on #Trivia!

mousiah: why do you think i type like this?

nerdy: where the hell did this corn come from?

nerdy: i just burped nachos

Cozumel: let me write that and put it down in my list of things i give a damn about

nerdy: you make me wanna have a granola bar

UrsaMajor: well at least I didn't appear on confuserve to compuse you even more this week ;)

nerdy: i wanna grow a tail

Drazil: I you smurf me a glass of smurf?

fonzy: i am going to have to change my nick to mousiah if i dont start spelling better

NigmaLurk: oops yawned and almost drooled on myself

trillian: just dont take typing lessons from mousi.. you'll be ok...

Rub|X^3: my god...i think the ppl that live above me are the "river dancers"!!!

ChewyCow: and i emit 32 feet of gas a day

Ratbert: Im naked, clueless, and feeling good!

CutiePie: hehehhehe....you people are STRANGE!!!!

Misomaniac: i'm talking to myself, aren't i?

mousiah: holy cow,the end of the world,the bot was RIGHT

Drazil: look like something out of that twilighty show about that zone

Drazil: ohhhh I'm bulgy :o( my stomach sticks way out in front and... AAAAAAH

OrangeKat: elric you're INSANE!
^Elric: yes i am...(no i'm not)
snowy: yes you are.

ann[A]: trivia, you're a psycho

mousiah: i am WONDER WIMMEN,myself

danilm: CBS: Where shows go to die.

Trivia: What's a 'yawl'?
ThermoPyLa: you all

mousiah: i'm old,what do i know

EnigmaGrl: If you don't have anything nice to say..then come over here and sit by me

Misomaniac: crap, the elephant woman just sprang up on my monitor

Trivia: What does Fox Mulder fear most?
woowoo: cancellation

Misomaniac: i will not respond unless addressed in the proper manner, which would be "oh most gracious, kind, loving, omnipotent, hamster boy"
Airtime: oh most gracious, kind, loving, omnipotent, hamster boy how is you dong

Airtime: im going to flow with my inner light, baybee!!

sansoucichef: waffle ..is that like when you sit on a mik crate and you have all those lines on your a**

noo: phoebe your about as funny as those new depends you're wearing that look like overalls

noo: sorry..was that old people talk for "i've fallen and i can't get up"?

Phucq: i'm at the national museum for it's none of your damn business

Pixie: i think my arm turned into a big long piece of pasta today.

Drazil: you know.... some gurls would die for a song written all for them
Drazil: and to think I wrote you like 8
mousiah: yep,thats me,dying all over the place zil

JamesBong: if mousiah was 50 years younger, i'd be dating her

proj_2501: there always a bunch of idiots in here laughing at stupid answers they make up

StarHauler is using Diane's IRC6 Chat
Misomaniac: give it back to diane, then

thugZz: i am canadian!!!!!!!!!
Drew_Bleds: I feel for you

ElwoodBlue: sorry to disappoint, for any of you that may have already avenged my death, i am alive

ElwoodBlue: i went around the auto shop and wrote BLAH! on all the cars with my finger

ElwoodBlue: arrr, yer mother twas a goat herder

Misomaniac: since we're all so half-assed, i think we'll just have to come up with a chris farley android
Slosh: no miso, ive decided that on a venture like this, ill use my FULL ASS


"#trivia: the after-hours"

Trivia: What does Procul Harum mean in Latin?
xphile101: get your whores ?
tHeRm: Procure a harum

Cozumel: yeah, i guess i was getting bored with the red lace undies as well

Sugar22: butter me baby

skaterguyk: threesomes rule!!!

Viagra_Exlax: am I coming or going?

Misomania: dang, my nipples are hard

Misomaniac: all day i dream about sex, yes all day i dream about sex

Misomaniac: oh, then i have a 14 inch
juu-mau: taht sounded bad
Misomaniac: of course, it's around 3 inches wide
juu-mau: that's not very wide
Misomaniac: well, i have to hold it with both hands, of course it's wide
Misomaniac: hey, i'm talking about monitors here
admom: delusions of adequacy???
Misomaniac: stop insulting my hardware!
Misomaniac: if i wanted someone to insult my hardware, i'd call my ex

Cozumel: i'm not really wet, it's just that i have potato skins between my legs

veggieGRL: i like little boy wieners

PivotBoy: my left nipple seems to be bigger than my right

Flash: i don't wear underwear

Flash: we're getting ready to start an orgy

Deeelite: whip me, beat me, ask me about todays specials

jay_bn: time to go explore my lesbianism

fruitips: air... you'r always welcome to talk to us about your amatomy

Trivia: Why is water wet?
SIGSEGV: Because HokieGal likes it wet.

Trivia: In computer parlance was does DOS stand for?
Airtime: dick operating system


"elvis has left the building"

*** Signoff: nerdy (between the who and the what and horton gives a hoot.)

*** Signoff: merisa (..I am as I do...do you?)

*** Signoff: phoebe (I"m much much much nicer than mousiah!!!!!)


*** Signoff: Druid (Windows NT: Insert wallet into Drive A and press any key to empty)

*** Signoff: shark_ (WinErr: 005 Multitasking attempted - System confused)

*** Signoff: `mitch_ (Veni, vidi, velcro... I came, I saw, I stuck around)

*** Signoff: Drew_Bledsoe (How can you be cool if you don't wear a sombrero)

*** Signoff: Danilm (yahahahahaha!!!! babbabbablubbullbbbb!!! wahooooo!!! mwhahahaha!!!)

*** Signoff: Hollieee (Reality is an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol.)

*** Signoff: Ana_Ng (DON'T BUY CELERY if you have pink underwear!)

*** Signoff: Sunbabe (I've got PMS and a handgun. Any questions?)

*** Signoff: v5 (What happens if you get scared half to death twice?)

*** Signoff: mousiah (beware of quantum ducks.....quark quark quark)

*** Signoff: dol^phine (Abort Ignore Retry Fail Chocolate)


"fun with /me"

TriviaBot wants one of Fon

RailPax puts his bambi face on

tHeRm break dances out of trivia.

UrsaMajor HASTA be on top of Fonnie!

ChewyCow prances around the channel emitting gas

Misomaniac spanks himself

mousiah has entered the room using cranky old wimmenz chat...the evil irc

Misomaniac is a 6' tall 200# jock-boy with some really hung meat and i wanna offer myself as a sacrifice to the masses because i'm a freekin cow

Misomaniac looks under Trivia's skirt

steempy gropes trivia for hardness

skytiger227 IS GOING TO #ZUHTRIVIA WHERE SHE IS THE TYPO KWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitzilla sacrifices herself to the almighty Phallic Emperor

MeTaL1 giggles like a catholic school girl

PaulOF ain't a wimmin, but he's old and evil.

ElwoodBlues goes splat


"pinheads: the always amusing"

Petrushka: i am sick of losing to old women
Petrushka: she is too old and i demand she leave
Petrushka: i don't like old people screwing up my trivia games
Petrushka: i am trivia god


quweire: hahahahahahaahahahahahahaha heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE !!!!!!!!



"yes, we do have a point"

*** nerdy has set the topic on channel #trivia to [02:38] * UrsaMajor bangs HP ;)

*** brash has set the topic on channel #trivia to hey mous, can I take a topping class with you?

*** Topic for #trivia: Happy President's Day, Have you tried to impeach your president lately?

*** Topic for #trivia: Trivia, get your butt back in here now!

*** jazo has set the topic on channel #trivia to OrangeKat: dunno but i have the strapon

*** Topic for #trivia: jafk got his electricity back, WATCH OUT YOU OLD PEOPLE!

*** Topic for #trivia: Don't make me come down there, mousiah. -- God

*** Topic for #trivia: hey jawn...i tallked to God...you iz in BIG trouble
*** Topic for #trivia set by mousiah

*** phoebe has set the topic on channel #trivia to We don't know who Steve Vezina is..but he can't be dumber than Jawn