[ the big insert-name-here ]

(1): shaq dunks over tim duncan.
(2): shaq cracks up over something.
(3): the big free throw shooter.
(4): shaq has a word with tim duncan.

[ derek fisher ]

(1): fisher drives between the twin towers in the 2001 western conference finals.

[ kobe bryant ]

(1): kobe posts up antonio daniels.
(2): jubilant kobe looks 22 again.
(3): kobe laughs while resting on the bench.
(4): kobe flashes his hardware.
(5): kobe asks iverson about cheesesteak.
(6): kobe beams at the camera as he chills behind assistant coaches.
(7): kobe defends allen iverson.
(8): kobe leaps over vlade divac.
(9): kobe defends chris webber.
(10): kobe laughs on the court.
(11): kobe and adidas sell well in china.
(12): kobe and vlade divac scramble for a loose ball.
(13): i like this picture because it showcases the players' graceful athletic abilities.
(14): runway 8, you are clear for take-off.
(15): this is one of those photos that demonstrate kobe's amazing, soaring finishing skills.
(16): kobe and jason kidd, 2002 nba finals.

[ have a chuckle ]

(1): this tim duncan photo is a prime candidate for one of those caption contests.
(2): horace grant says "the world is my sofa" as the lakers celebrate a victory.
(3): kobe, shaq, and brian shaw share a laugh.
(4): shaq looks amused as cameron diaz is politely asked to leave.
(5): the bench laughs about another lakers sweep in the 2001 playoffs.
(6): kobe, fisher, horace grant, rick fox, and ron harper share another laugh.
(7): tim duncan and shaq look like they're watching, in horror, as an alien spaceship descends.
(8): allen iverson finds derek fisher amusing.
(9): hehehe. shaq tangles iverson up like a dad would a wayward kid.
(10): tim duncan says: "oh no, my momma's in the stands!"
(11): sacramento fans demonstrate their superior spelling abilities.
(12): sacramento fans once again demonstrate their superior spelling abilities (not to mention their poor taste).

[ celebrate good times! ]

(1): shaq, kobe, the bench, and fans celebrate a victory in the 2001 western conference finals.
(2): kobe, madsen, and fisher. this photo reminds me david's oath of the horatii.
(3): kobe high-fives fans at the rose garden after a sweep of the blazers in the 2001 playoffs.
(4): kobe celebrates after the lakers beat the spurs at the alamodome in the 2001 western conference finals. i love the contrast in this photo b/w kobe and tim duncan.
(5): kobe and fisher celebrate at the alamodome.
(6): kobe celebrates the lakers' sweep of the spurs in the 2001 western conference finals. with dyan cannon in the background.
(7): kobe and shaq.
(8): more contrast b/w kobe and tim duncan in the 2001 series, this time at staples center.
(9): kobe and shaq laugh about something.
(10): shaq and kobe.
(11): shaq and kobe high-five.
(12): shaq and kobe high-five again.
(13): robert horry is mugged by teammates after he hits the game-winning shot in game 4 of 2002's western conference finals.
(14): horry, the bench, and the fans celebrate after the shot.
(15): another angle of horry being mugged by teammates.
(16): horry and teammates celebrate after he hits yet another game-winning shot -- this time one versus the portland trailblazers in the close-out game of the first round.
(17): horry feels like he's king of the world after the lakers win their third championship in a row.
(18): kobe and shaq hoist up their threepeat trophies.
(19): the lakers celebrate their threepeat in new jersey after beating the nets 4 - 0 in the finals.
(20): kobe, rick fox, lindsey hunter, and shaq are all smiles.
(21): shaq and kobe arrive at LAX with their 2002 championship trophies.
(22): shaq and brian shaw at the parade in 2002.

[ warm & fuzzy ]

(1): kobe and shaq hug.
(2): kobe and ron harper hug.
(3): awwww, giant shaq and little shaq.
(4): kobe and shaq hug.
(5): kobe and shaq hug.
(6): as a tribute, shaq wears kobe's jersey while kobe is suspended.
(7): kobe gets a bearhug from the ever-enthusiastic mark madsen.
(8): kobe and the lakers give the big fella props after the 2002 nba finals.
(9): shaq and kobe smile as they sit on the bench.
(10): staples center welcomes chick hearn back from his extended absence in the 2001-2002 season.
(11): kobe gives madsen a hug after his Dance as amused teammates watch on.
(12): shaq gives kobe a piggyback ride.

[ lakers potpourri ]

(1): the venerable chick hearn enjoys the solitude for a brief moment.
(2): coach phil jackson is ejected in game 2 of the 2001 western conference finals.
(3): ron harper gets tangled up with steve francis.
(4): the LA times cover story of the lakers' 2001 title.
(5): the magnificent, er, five, get ready for battle.
(6): mike penberthy dives for a loose ball.
(7): the lakers celebrate somberly after winning the 2001 championship.
(8): mark madsen and isaiah rider slap hands.
(9): a positionally flawless photo op for phil jackson, mark madsen, and slava medvedenko.
(10): shaq and kobe gaze up at the scoreboard.
(11): shaq and kobe smile after a victory.
(12): laker fans, with the murals of great laker centers in the background (the murals aren't as big as they look).
(13): another shot of the murals, this time next to staples center.
(14): kobe and mentor ron harper share a funny moment.
(15): horry rears up for The Game-Winning Three-Pointer. staples center holds its breath.
(16): rewind: elgin baylor, wilt chamberlain, and jerry west on the bench.
(16): chick hearn, who passed away in 2002, will never put a game in the refrigerator again.

[ misc nba ]

(1): vince carter avoids a foul against allen iverson. ummm ... ouch?
(2): chris webber's last look at the arco center as a king?
(3): vince carter hugs allen iverson.
(4): vince carter and allen iverson pause for a brief moment during their epic 7 game eastern conference semifinal.
(5): "coach, you know, as much as i trust you, i don't think the hokey pokey's what it's all about right now." -- captioned by sam
(6): "while screaming 'WASSAAAAAAAAAAAAP,' damon [stoudamire] was oblivious to the giant, out of control mascot balloon heading straight for him in the background." -- captioned by sam
(7): i thought this photo of gary payton and his shadow was pretty cool.

[ off the court ]

(1): allen iverson may dress like a thug, but his kids are adorable.