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Howard (?!?!)

featured site

Featured Site
"Final Distance" by Jody

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Best of Ewan McGregor
"Contact" Film Review by Larry Klaes
Dark Horizons
TheForce.net: Your Daily Dose of Star Wars
Fox Movies
The Internet Movie Database
Licht/Mueller Film Corp
Lontano.dk: Film Manuscript Archive Lots of script drafts archived here--from Alien to The X-Files--with excellent documentation on version history, comparisons to shooting draft, etc.
The Movie Review Query Engine
Mr. Showbiz
The Official Jet Li Website
The Official Star Wars Site
The Oracle of Bacon
Siskel & Ebert

featured site

Featured Site

Favorite Movies
Jerry Maguire
The Matrix
Fight Club
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
the Star Wars movies
Sleepless in Seattle
Kind Hearts and Coronets
You've Got Mail
Good Will Hunting

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EIDC (Entertainment Industry Development Corporation) / LA Film Office Information/guidelines for media productions in Los Angeles.
Television Without Pity Television for the time-challenged.
Roswell: Crashdown Excellent site; very complete episode screengrabs.
VQT (Viewers for Quality Television)
The X-Files - my site


Favorite Shows
The X-Files
Now and Again
Early Edition
Once and Again
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Simpsons
Just Shoot Me

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Apple Computers
eLance.com - Global Services Marketplace:Sell your skills.
Font Freak
How Do They Do That With HTML?
The HTML Writers Guild
IRC Trivia on the Bluemoon Network
JavaScript Source
Nedstat:Stats for your website.
The Official Ircle Homepage
ResExcellence GUI and ResEdit goodies to screw up your Mac appearance with :)
RGB-2-Hex Tool (Univox Internet)
ShadowTech A pretty cool script for Ircle.
Tips, Tricks, How To, and Beyond - Web Design Resource
Tripod Script Library
Website Abstraction, The JavaScript Technology Center
why what Web design tips and resources.

featured site

Featured Site
Apple :)

: A R T
  F A V O R I T E S

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Mark Harden's Artchive
The Peculiar Art of Mr. Frahm Because celery + gravity == art.
The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery

featured site

Featured Site
The Peculiar Art of Mr. Frahm

Favorite Artists
Vincent Van Gogh
Rene Magritte
M.C. Escher
Edward Gorey
Francisco Goya y Lucientes

: L I T E R A T U R E
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Bartleby.com: Great Books Online:Includes gems like Bulfinch's Mythology and The Oxford Shakespeare.
Borrowed Time: A Page of Death:"Death's literary aspects: in poetry, song lyrics, and quotations."
The English Server:Journals, issues, theories, papers, etc.
The Harrow:"Original works of fantasy and horror."
John Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
The Jolly Roger:The "WWW Literary Renaisannce." A bit confusing, but lots of content.
Mirrors: A William Blake Project: Gotta promote my own site of course :)
Norton Topics Online
SparkNotes:Kind of like Cliff Notes. Some are good, some are bad.
Thoughts Worth Thinking A collection of literary quotes on various subjects.
Zoetrope: All-Story Ezine

featured site

Featured Site

Favorite Literature
Jane Austen
J.D. Salinger
Douglas Adams
T.S. Eliot
Toni Morrison
William Shakespeare
Lewis Carroll
Edward Gorey

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Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements
The Corporation:Humor website.
Dan Quayle Quotes
Diesel Sweeties:Currently my favorite online comic.
Emode.com: Personality Tests and Quotes
The Framley Examiner What could be better than peculiar British humor?
Goats: The Comic Strip
Internet ScamBusters

IShouldBeWorking.com:Lots of entertaining, useless fluff.
Orisinal: Morning Sunshine Gorgeously animated and scored flash games for a rainy day. Whimsical and soothing.
PAML (Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists)
Liszt, the Mailing List Directory

Purity Tests:You know you wanna take 'em.
Queendom Test Collection
Radio SonicNet:Customize your own radio station. I did. (I haven't fully customized my station yet. As a result, it still plays frightening amounts of country. Gak!)
Red Meat: From the Secret Files of Max Cannon: Darkly hilarious cartoon strips.
Ruminations on College Life:Funny and disturbingly honest accounts of college life.
Standard MIDI Files on the Net:"The Most Complete & Best-Maintained List of Sites with MIDI Files."
The Station at Sony.com:Web gameshows (Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, etc.)
Uproar: Trivia and other games. Win minute amounts of cash.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Urban Myths, Legends, Folklore, and Fairy Tales

featured site

Featured Site
Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

Favorite Music
Dave Matthews Band
Karen Mok
Faye Wong
Ace of Base
Ella Fitzgerald
Saint Etienne
Frederic Chopin

: M I S C
     F A V O R I T E S

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#1 Free Stuff
CTHEORY:"An international journal of theory, technology, and culture." Lots of material.
eHow.com:Learn how to do stuff (for free) here.
The Evil Wimmins Website
In & Out Burger
ineedcoffee.com: Caffeination Information
LiveJournal Share your online journal. Comes with handy updating utility.
Los Angeles Lakers
The Official Website of #xf-romantics
Palos Verdes on the Net
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada A page especially useful for Southern Californians.
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
Starbucks Coffee
StudentInfo: Online Professor Reviews
StudentU Free lecture notes, study guides, etc.
Ty Beanie Babies
UCLA Mens Basketball With the delectable and amazing sharpshooter Jason Kapono. Yummmm.
University of California, Los Angeles

featured site

Featured Site