07.29.01 (Sticky) > Wait a minute, this can't be right. It's been two days at least since my last update, but Em still thinks it's July 28th. Argh, time zones. It's too hot here, I don't feel like doing anything. In fact, I haven't been doing anything, since I don't even know what time it is at any time of the day. I just wake up and when I feel like going to sleep I go to sleep. There's a typhoon here so I can't even go out. I can't actually upload this yet because my mom left her account password at the office. So it's been an extremely unproductive (and hot) three or four days or eternity. I've actually decided to keep track of review updates on the cinema main page, but as mentioned before they won't show up on any of the lists. Then everything will get updated once/if I resurrect CrappyMac. More on LJ perhaps. When I get internet access that is. I'm actually thinking of just using LJ for my website updates since I find that after I talk about things on LJ, I don't feel like updating here anymore.

07.28.01 (The Waiting Game) > I finished writing my slow-in-coming-forth review for "Jurassic Park 3" while sitting here waiting for my flight. Em can be very companionable sometimes. I'm getting more and more worried about whether I'll ever be able to fix CrappyMac. I know I'll be able to, but it's gonna be such a hassle and an expensive one too, ugh. What with my roommate defecting on me and all. Sigh. I'm sitting in the LAX lounge, and I have cramps. Lovely.

07.18.01 (I Give Up) > It's been a long time since I updated this page, but you're used to that by now arentcha? Between now and my last update, a few things happened: 1) Brian kicked me off his domain for reasons elaborated in my LJ, 2) I got a new laptop, with which I will do all my work from now on, 3) My old computer crapped out just as I was getting ready to upload 20+ movie reviews. So, now all the files are on my old PowerMac waiting to be uploaded as soon as I get it fixed, which probably won't be for a while because I'm leaving town for 2 months. I'll still update this page the best I can without those files, but it's going to be slow because I don't have Photoshop on Emilia yet (Emilia is what I call my laptop, for now) and it really bothers me. On the other hand, I now have 3 browsers: IE, Netscape, and OmniWeb (for OS X) and I'm working on updating my HTML knowledge and learning more JavaScript, so this website should improve as summer goes on. I have uploaded the "A.I." review since I wrote that one on Emilia, but it won't show up on any of the lists of my reviews because I don't want confuse those with the one I'm already ready to upload (which is on my old puter, if you're completely lost by now). All new reviews will be mentioned here and here only. Also, I won't be updating the Droolworthy section as often (ha!) since all my pictures are inaccessible now. One of the projects I was able to complete was uploading my collection of Lakers pictures. They're in the collection.

... I made up a joke. Q: "What did Ewan McGregor say to Elton John?" A: "Sorry I butchered your song." (My joke sucks, I know. Ewan McGregor's singing, however, does not suck at all.)

... The "I Give Up" (look at me explaining my subject lines!) refers to the goal of updating this website semi-regularly. I'm just too much of an unmotivated lazy-ass to do that. After all, 1) the audience for this site is small, so I can't piss off or please too many people either way, 2) I have more important things to do, and 3) If you really cared about my unexciting life you'd read my LJ. I doubt Tripod cares as much about whether I update my site or not as Brian does anyway :)

... So that's my "I'm still alive" proclamation for today.

04.13.01 (Ineptitude) > So spring break's come and gone, and I haven't updated yet. Well not before this semi-update at least. What the fuck is the deal, you ask? I ended up having a lot more reviews to write then I remembered, so when spring break ended I still had about 5 to write, and I didn't want to update until I could do it in one fell swoop. So I'm still working on those reviews, which will hopefully be done before midterms commence. Meanwhile I'd updated current events below. Sorry.

04.13.01 (Team Works) >

lakers celebrate victory over timberwolves

03.03.01 (Judgment Day) > Yes, I am still alive. No updates (except droolworthy) until spring break.

02.13.01 (LGM) > The Oscar noms are out! Yay for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. You can tell I'm happy about it 'cause I usually don't use gratuitous bold tags ;) I will make guesses and everything on LiveJournal. It's just strange with Steven Soderbergh nominated twice and CTHD nominated twice. *shakes head*

... Added a not-so-new article below about the Kobe-Shaq feud (yeah, yeah, I know) by the ever-inspiring Bill Plaschke. Or maybe I just like him 'cause he likes my players :)

02.02.01 (Migration) > It's weird how things happen, but when the aforementioned Brian read what I said earlier he promptly offered me a spot on the typeslowly website. And who am I to reject an opportunity to get rid of Tripod's pop-up ads? So, as you see, I am here. I also redid my guestbook settings so that it matches the color scheme of this site and I added new questions. So you know you wanna re-sign it :) Oh, and my Live Journal is here. Beware, it's more free-style and as a consequence is full of nonsense. But it's so much easier to update *sigh*. There will always be a link to my journal on the bottom of this section, and to the left in the menubar.

01.29.01 (Eventual) > I was reading, for no reason, typeslowly.com where Brian, someone I used to know, and John, someone I don't know at all, keep their websites. They seem to have so much to say. Is it that their lives are so much more interesting, is it because they spend more time elaborating, or is it because they just have more time in general? I am envious that they can go on about their indie tastes, their (ex) girlfriends, their dissatisfaction, their apathy, and their ennui. The idea of blogging or scribbling sounds obnoxious and convenient at the same time. Bother. I am not compelled to be like them (nor to be like anyone) but I feel irrationally inferior all the same. At any rate, their sites were thought-provoking, as was Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. The result of all this was I felt quite overwhelmed. Too many things to say, too little time to condense these thoughts into a paragraph that will say much about myself but at the same time very little. And I've decided that I have quite a problem keeping two "journals," one here and one on Live Journal. The whole point of having a live journal was so that I could reveal myself selectively to those I trust. I have since realized that most people who read this site read my LJ anyway, so why do I bother? The risk I would take by posting a link to my LJ would be relatively small. So I am going to "clean up" my journal and post a link here, so at least you busybodies have something to read when I don't feel like updating here.

01.01.01 (Not So Bad) > Happy new year, everyone :) I shall indulge myself in a "shout out" to everyone who has made the past year an endurable one for me: my family, #xf-r, Tiff, Heather, Chris, Jody, C@th, AB, Howard, Eddie, DA, airrrrrrrrrr, DN, all the old and venerable evilwimmins, Amy, Sandy, Charley whom God knows if I will ever see again, Balapei, Bob, YP, Kel, Bill, Jean, Charles, Lydia, Bryan, Vincent, Winter (and my new year's resolution for you especially is to go to class :), everyone at Starbucks Malibu especially Angie and Remi, Angela, Carrie, Vibby, Nathan, Susan, Derrick, and if I've forgotten anyone I'm not worrying about it since no one visits me here anyway. BWA :)

12.28.00 (I Know Kung Fu) > I just put up my first real movie review in 3 months. It is of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Damn, that was a good movie. I'm glad I finally got the chance to watch a good movie before the year ends. It's also the first Asian film I've watched in a while. It's nice to see that Ang Lee can direct action as well, even nicer to see that the film industry over there is still churning out gems like these despite outflux of talent and preference toward Hollywood-produced films in local markets.

12.25.00 (OK, I Lied) > I do have a new year's resolution. As the Zen Master is my witness I resolve to wreak vengeance upon all the NBA referees. Tips and suggestions to skyla1013@hotmail.com.

12.25.00 (Vertigo) > GAH. I haven't updated in eons. I also haven't slept, gone out, watched X-Files or any movies in eons. Bah. So finally it's winter break and I can do some updating, but it's going to be painful because my puter SUCKS at this moment. Going up will be new current events (below), new featured websites for the new year, and various other updates. This site still isn't perfect yet, and I'm going to try to make it so. Broken links and uneven fonts and bad forms are annoying. :-/

... Several people have commented that this black color scheme isn't "me." Well, regardless of whether it is "me" or not, I like it, so :P One day I might change the scheme (actually I wanted to do it for Christmas, but never had time). BTW, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :) New Year's Resolutions for me? None. I have enough daily resolutions to keep up with.

... The final weeks of last quarter have been hell. I don't think I did that well either. I almost missed a final because I overslept. I've resolved to not overwork myself so much next quarter. But knowing me, I'll manage to do just that anyhow. I went to my manager's Christmas party, and I've come to the conclusion that most of my coworkers are on crack. Or eggnog. Next week I'm going up beautiful PCH to northern California. I just decided to do that, 'cause I got wanderlust, and I need a true vacation (i.e., away from the computer). We can't go to the Lakers game anymore, 'cause the tickets were all sold out. Kalae says he has season tickets though, so I'm just waiting for him to take me :D Speaking of the Lakers, lay off Kobe, man, he's only 22. Give him room to grow. Guess who has his own official site now? Woof woof!

11.4.00 (Q.E.D.) > I've given up trying to make massive, comprehensive revisions on the site. I simply don't have time. Therefore, here's a baby step: I replaced all "veranda" typo's with "verdana." Depending on your fonts, you might see changes. I hope it looks pretty.

... In the meanwhile, someone please tell me: What is a virtual particle and how do forces arise from their exchange? Draw a picture to show how the W exchange creates the weak force. (A friggin picture?!?!)

11.1.00 (Sweet November) > The title of the new Keanu Reeves/Charlize Theron movie. Woo. I have emerged, scarred and bloodstained, from the fall quarter battlefield to provide a November update for all 3 of my faithful fans. A new Droolworthy pic is due. There is also the first paper I wrote this quarter on Oroonoko, and it hasn't even been graded yet (!!). And at the commencement of the new glorious Lakers season, Shaq has hired me to promote Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen as much as possible. Go look at his bio at $tanford (them writers are so detailed it's scary) and read the articles I posted below, and tell me he isn't going to be exciting in a few years. Howard and I have finally settled on a Lakers game: vs. Clippers on 1/7/00. Yay!!

Wondering why I haven't finished Stranger in a Strange Land yet? There's a buttload of reading for both of my English classes. The readings for English 117 are particularly interesting. As a detective fiction class, it's certainly leaving me thirsty for more. We started with Poe and Doyle, and now we've ventured into the stranger stuff. I would recommend Henry James's "The Turn of the Screw" for anyone who likes a good ghost story, and also for anyone who likes subtext. Hooboy. The novella can be read a myriad different ways, and each time you read it you get something different. While not a particularly scary (or succinct *smirk*) writer, James has the knack of making you doubt yourself. A writer that I cannot say enough about is Jorge Luis Borges. He has a "Twilight Zone" mind that ventures into several different directions, and each short story in his Ficciones is a unique capsule of philosophy, mystery, and just plain elegant writing. I also just finished The Erasers by Alaine Robbe-Grillet. You'll have to read this one twice. Robbe-Grillet creates a Truman Showesque, self-contained world, where at each successive turn you experience a haunting sense of predestination and deja-vu. A very strange piece. Next up after our midterm I'll read The Maltese Falcon. More comments then.

10.4.00 (Update?) > Drat. So I missed on a Droolworthy update again. It's not like anyone's paying attention, but I gotta update on time on principle anyways. School life has been tremendously busy, and will be even more busy once I go back to work. So, barring any major event in my life, that will be what I am doing if I don't update here very much.

... The Olympics is over. I'm sad, but it's time to move on to real primetime television. If there's one lasting memory of the Sydney games I want to bring with me, it'll be that of Sexy Alexei [Nemov] (as Jody calls him) with his shirt off. Did I say that? No seriously, I'd probably have to pick between Marion Jones and the closing ceremony hullabaloo. Despite the constant media circus surrounding Marion, I think she managed to come off as a true athlete: one who isn't afraid to strive for perfection and one who is gracious in falling short of those goals. The closing ceremonies--not because of the appearance of Paul Hogan, alas--because of athletes from all over the world celebrating a common cause. We don't see that much now do we? It was a brief moment of ... wonderful.