"Species 2" Review
© 1998 Fontaine L.

"This isn't the fucking X-Files'!"

::steps up to podium amidst jeers: "I can't believe you went to see that movie!!"::

Hmmm. According to some people, America loves sex and violence. Figures that they put this stuff all over the movies eh? The problem is, there seems to be ONLY sex and violence in this movie. Gratuitous butt shots does not a good movie make, people. Slime and intestines don't necessarily scare people either. Quite often, my friends and I found it necessary to use such scenes as comic relief - there's no other way to enjoy the movie, really. I shouldn't complain too much - at least it wasn't worse than I had expected it to be. At least it stuck to its B-movie role and didn't try to teach us any moral lessons. At least it had a straight-forward "kill-'em-all" plot (or should I call it "Duh!" storytelling). But then again, if it were any different, it wouldn't be "Species II."

How should I laugh at thee? Let me count the ways. Some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Gawdawful spaceship. Rip-offs ("Men In Black") and cliches galore, over-the-top bloody messes. A basic script that doesn't aspire to go any further, an action/thriller that really doesn't provide any "action" (aside from sex =p) or thrills at all. Skin-deep character development. Astronauts can double as alien chasers, suuuuurrre. Even the aliens don't seem menacing, considering it's almost ridiculous how they can seem to appear anywhere in any shape or form. Forget about logic, why don't we?? Not to mention sloppy explanations and sloppy writing. Nothing really wrong with the writing, but it's as bland and predictable as. . . well, my history teacher's lectures. :P You can tell a movie is bad when you don't really care how it ends - you just want it to end. (Blah blah, okay, he's mating again? Just get it over with!)

Am I being too critical? Is it because I haven't seen the original "Species"? At any rate, I don't want to.

Rating: D+ (First viewing, 4/18/98)

*Extra Bonus! Saw the new X-Files trailer. That alone was worth the ticket price.

*The ending insinuates that there might be another sequel. Blech. Why bother?