"Scary Movie" Review
© 2000 Fontaine L.

Well, if you've seen the trailer, you've seen it all. "Scary Movie" is basically a grabbag of raunchy toilet humor jokes sprinkled on top of a largely unaltered "Scream" plot. There is no redeeming value to the movie, so don't expect subtlety or a larger message behind all the jokes. The initial endeavours illicit a chuckle or two, but the subsequent attempts at humor are only funny in a "oh my god that's really gross" kind of way. Even more disappointing is the film is represented as a parody of multiple films, but in fact it focuses on only one, "Scream." However, the film remains entertaining to the end, if only because we want to find out what other gross factors it's added to the basic "Scream" story. The actors all do a great job of acting like they're actors who have no talent, trying their best to outshine each other in grotesqueness. They cannot save the film from being a mere showcase of hilarious situations without redeeming meaning. As much as I know that this is the point of the film, I can't help but wish for more.

In other words, "Scary Movie" is perhaps a great movie to rent at home and share with friends during a party, but probably not a very good investment at the movie theaters.

Rating: C- (First viewing, 7/8/00)