"Rush Hour" Review
© 1998 Fontaine L.
- spoilers -

"Rush Hour" is basically a little bit of everything pieced together: Bond-esque score, choreography from old Jackie Chan movies, the ol' buddy cop formula, and Chris Tucker once again convincing everyone that he is, in fact, Chris Rock (FYI, he isn't). Some of it worked: I liked the ancient Chinese style music mixed in with a little bit of techno; the songs incorporated into the movie were hilarious as well (Who can forget Jackie Chan singing?). Chris Tucker (James Carter) and Jackie Chan (Lee) are each funny in a different way (reminds me of something I said about "Nothing To Lose," eh?), and I truly enjoyed the performances of these two. I couldn't stop laughing. It gets tiring after a bit, but you're not left with too much breath to sigh. Unfortunately for Chan fans, he seems to have forsaken some of his much-admired action sequences for slapstick. Nevermind, he still comes off as a wonderfully balanced and dedicated actor. Oh, and the little girl kicks ass.

Stuff I did not like? Obviously this film suffers from the same syndrome many action movies do today -- coincidences and implausibilities pasted together in the most unrealistic way possible. The villains and FBI sticks-in-the-mud are typecast; the scenes are predictable (Ya know, somehow I knew the building was gonna explode?), and I would have liked to see more of Chan in action. The relationship between Lee and Carter seems forced, and the whole plot reminded me of the horrific "Replacement Killers." The climax was, well, anticlimactic. The movie obviously has its moments, and is in general well-paced, but overall it gave me the impression of being exceedingly funny without an exceptional plot.

Rating: B- (First viewing, 9/18/98)