"Mission to Mars" Review
© 2000 Fontaine L.
- spoilers -

"Mission to Mars" is one of those annoying movies where, in the middle of the movie, you get the sneaking suspicion that the reason the trailer looks so good is because they showcased ALL the best parts of the movie: all five minutes of it. "Mission" does give you payoff; but when it does come, it's too little, too late.

"Mission" has some good ideas, but they get lost in the unbearably boring delivery, dime-a-dozen dialogue, and spate of good actors wasted in cardboard-cutout roles. I'm sure the director and writers were very proud of each Hallmark moment they came up with, so they stretch each dramatic moment out like silly putty until it loses all its charm. Glances don't communicate any deeper emotions just because you draw them out for five hours on end. The film spends an hour on this kind of stuff, building to its climax. A lot of it is a cliched glorification of family relationships, marriage, friendship, unite we stand divided we fall kind of crap. There are some spectacular special effects sequences in this film, and I give it points for trying to stay true to the science I know (trying is the key word here). The sequence with the Martian demonstrating their history is oddly beautiful and touching, but as mentioned by then we're so sick of the goddamn thing we want the movie to be over. Great design, good intentions, but no cigar. If you're not a die hard sci-fi, FX or Jerry O'Connell fan (his character is the only one who has some semblance of character), don't waste your eight bucks on this.

And what the hell, Tim Robbins died halfway through the movie, in a STUPID way too. That's just unforgiveable.

Rating: C- (First viewing, 3/11/00)