"Chicken Run" Review
© 2000 Fontaine L.

The creators of "Chicken Run" have the hearts of children and lively, humorous imaginations. This is evident in their big screen follow up to the success of "Wallace and Gromit" and "The Wrong Trousers." "Chicken Run" has all the advantages "bigger and better" has to offer and only a few of its disadvantages. The lively voice acting were a wonderful addition. There is something very whimsical about "chickens" with British accents. Likewise, chicken who knit incessantly, chicken that take on quirks of the human character and form. The claymation, as always, was adorable; the music rising to the occasion to supplement the adventure in children's (and grown-ups') minds. The plot may be very Hollywoody and predictable. Its villains are of the easily identified and categorized variety, a duo with one ostensibly clever and the other clumsy and perennially getting his ass kicked by everybody. The chickens have among their group a hero, a heroine (the two, of course, fall in love), comic relief, a geek, and One Who Doubts. This is easily forgiven in this case because of the quirky charms of our two-legged friends, brought to life by imaginative animation and inspired touches. Instead, then, the film comes off as an old fashioned adventure that will delight children, and, you knew this was coming, the child in everyone of us.

Rating: A- (First viewing, 6/26/00)