Fontaine's Reviews


I've decided to start writing reviews after I saw "Contact." I had so much to say about that movie, I thought, hey, why not write reviews? So here it is, another task to add to my already overburdened cyberlife (A Life? What's that?). So anyways, here are some things you should know before taking the risk of reading my reviews. First of all (::points above::), they are mostly written for the people who have already seen the movie in question. I will make that statement in every review that contains plot spoilers, so don't say I didn't warn you. Second, I'm not very good at remembering actors' and crew members' names, so you'll have to forgive me. I have to admit that I'm not good at organizing thoughts like other reviewers (Well, I am, actually, but I refuse to use my brain for non-school-related matters ;). My thoughts come in spurts, so you'll find me switching from detached comments to emotional outbursts to oooohing and aaaahing quite often. So if you don't like this "unprofessionalness," feel free to bail out. And another thing you might have noticed: my diction. Sometimes, when I can't find the word I want to use, I end up using something very cliched or otherwise completely made-up. You can always ask me what it means ;). I'm also not good at technical stuff, so forgive me when I occasionally say "lighting person" or "the person who does the set designs." I assure you I'll improve on these points in the future. In other words, my reviews are in no way perfect or even well-written. I won't provide in-depth analyzation or witty comments. I really don't know anything about moviemaking (though I hope to major in that, so this intro may have to change later ;), and I'm not Siskel or Ebert. These reviews are very casual, and I have fun writing them. I don't take them seriously, because I have no training in film or writing. I just speak with my experience as a movie viewer: which is not much of an experience if you consider the fact that I've only taken it up as a hobby. I would very much like your criticism at long as it's directed toward my reviews, not toward my personal feelings. I would also like to know how you feel about the movies. So feel free to send any comments to me! Thanks for reading!

Best wishes, Fontaine, Summer 1997

Note (1/31/99): I feel obligated to explain my grading system a little, because a lot of people have complained about it being confusing. Needless to say, anything above an A translates roughly into something like this: "OH MY GOD, I LOVED THAT MOVIE!" A B+ is somewhat less enthusiastic. B's and B-'s means I thought the movie was "pretty good," satisfactory, but not stellar. Anything ranging from a C- to a C+ means I didn't like it wholeheartedly, but I didn't hate it either. The movie had good points and bad points. D's mean I didn't think the movie had any redeeming value. As you might notice, I hardly ever give any D's, much less F's. I'm not a picky movieviewer ;) This system is not binding, since two movies I think vary in their merit might receive the same grade because I can't give them grades lower or higher. So, it's always necessary to read the whole review, ey?