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Greetings. :) Here be my attempt to provide some sort of reference for those who wish to know about the respective episodes in EE's debut season.

1x1: Pilot | 1x2: The Choice | 1x3: Baby | 1x4: The Paper | 1x5: Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog | 1x6: Hoops | 1x7: After Midnight | 1x8: Gun | 1x9: His Girl Thursday | 1x10: The Wrong (Man) | 1x11: Christmas | 1x12: Frostbit | 1x13: Mob Wife | 1x14: The Wall (Part 1) | 1x15: The Wall (Part 2) I 1x16: Bat Masterson | 1x17: The Jury | 1x18: Psychic | 1x19: The Cat | 1x20: Phantom at the Opera | 1x21: Faith | 1x22: Dad | 1x23: Love is Blind

1x1: Pilot

An ordinary (but exceptionally gorgeous) guy in Chicago, Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) suddenly finds himself dumped by his wife, fired, and living in a motel. What now? Out of the blue, he starts receiving the Chicago Sun-Times one day in advance, and he realizes he can help by stopping would-be disasters. Friends Chuck Fishman (Fisher Stevens) and Merisa Clark (Shanesia Davis), a blind woman, help Gary prevent a desperate man (Tom Noonan) from robbing a bank and making the mistake of his life. Thus began the magical journey of Gary, Chuck, and Merisa.

1x2: The Choice

Gary faces an ordeal when two disasters will seemingly happen at the same time. Literally forced to make a Hobson's Choice, Gary must choose between saving a little girl (Mae Whitman) from a car accident or rescuing hundreds on an ill-fated flight.
*Nominated for a 1997 Emmy for best musical underscore (by W.G. Snuffy Walden)

1x3: Baby

Chuck made the news! 'Tis said that he will help deliver a baby in a stalled elevator. While Chuck desperately tries to run away from his destiny, Gary deals with love at first sight.

1x4: The Paper

Gary sees a photo of the exact same Cat that delivers the paper to him in a book his ex-wife gave him--turns out, the Cat used to belong to a Sun-Times typesetter named Lucius Snow. Gary turns to newspaper editor Harry Hawks and archivist Morris for help; but at the same time he has to keep an ambitious reporter Meredith Carson, who later becomes Gary's girlfriend, from diving head on into trouble.

1x5: Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog

A hotdog seller Phil (Chuck's uncle) becomes VERY VERY MAD when one of the city's garbage trucks runs over his dog. When trying to thwart his attempts, Gary finds out there is something *very* sneaky going on with the city's lottery numbers--and decide's to make use of his "early edition."

1x6: Hoops

Michael Williams is an upstart high school basketball player aiming for stardom--his goal is to earn enough money to support his brother. The only problem is his health--and Gary tries to stop him from trying to hard before disaster strikes. Meanwhile, Merisa enlists the help of an old beau and ex-high school basketball star Connie Hooks and Chuck gets the car of his dreams.
Quotes from "Hoops"

1x7: After Midnight

Gary has to prevent a desperate young single mother from abandoning her baby and ending her own life AND help her reconcile with her family.

1x8: Gun

Learning about a freak accident in which a young child Bryce kills his brother Tommy with a gun by mistake, Gary decides to intervene with the family's problems by pretending to be the school child consultant. The single mother refuses to give up her gun because she is afraid of her violent ex-husband--but she has to soon, before things get out of control.

1x9: His Girl Thursday

Meredith Carson returns as Gary's reporter girlfriend--however, Gary tries to end the relationship because Meredith, who just got offered a job in Washington, just can't keep her hands off the magical paper. Chuck is trying to get his hands on the profitable paper too, as usual.

1x10: The Wrong (Man)

Gary and Chuck are astonished when they find out Gary's ex-wife Marcia is getting married . . .with his tyrannical ex-boss Phil Pritchard. Soon after, Gary discovers that someone in the office is trying to kill Prichard--yet, he doesn't want to save him!

1x11: Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the other. . . and a mad bomber is threatening Chicago. Gary goes on a wild goose chase, trying to find out the identity of the bomber--thus generating suspicion from Chicago Police Chief Zeke Crumb. Meanwhile, Chuck gets arrested and finds himself sharing a jail cell with--yup, Santa.

1x1: Pilot | 1x2: The Choice | 1x3: Baby | 1x4: The Paper | 1x5: Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog | 1x6: Hoops | 1x7: After Midnight | 1x8: Gun | 1x9: His Girl Thursday | 1x10: The Wrong (Man) | 1x11: Christmas | 1x12: Frostbit | 1x13: Mob Wife | 1x14: The Wall (Part 1) | 1x15: The Wall (Part 2) I 1x16: Bat Masterson | 1x17: The Jury | 1x18: Psychic | 1x19: The Cat | 1x20: Phantom at the Opera | 1x21: Faith | 1x22: Dad | 1x23: Love is Blind

1x12: Frostbit

The winter is at its coldest in Chicago, and when the heater in Chuck's apartment breaks down, he and his goldfish Sparky seek refuge in Gary's apartment, much to Gary's dismay. You can't blame Gary for being cranky--he goes out and saves people in the freezing cold, only to be admonished for having a "hero complex" and having his wallet snatched by a homeless boy. When Gary tries to save the boy from freezing to death, he and the boy are both trapped in a warehouse--and it's now up to Chuck to save his friend before it's too late.

1x13: Mob Wife

Gary and Chuck become involved with Chicago's Mob when they save the Mob Boss's runaway wife Theresa from being killed by her husband. Things get complicated when Chuck falls in love with Theresa and both the FBI AND the Mob are out to get Gary and Chuck.

1x14: The Wall: Part 1

"Early Edition" adds its own twist to the JFK assassination when a mysterious Secret Service Agent John Dobbes comes to town to ensure the president's safety when he will visit Chicago the following week. He comes suspicious of Gary's "magical powers," while a hole in the Sun-Time's basement reveals previous possessions of Lucius Snow--a newspaper announcing the death of JFK, a picture of the Cat on the scene, and a business card marked "JTM." Strange occurences are popping up all over the place when Chuck is arrested and Gary finds himself trapped in a conspiracy unveiling itself pending the president's imminent arrival.

1x15: The Wall (Part 2)

The president is coming to town--Gary finds himself a fugitive, and he must find a way out before the president is killed--by Gary himself.

1x16: Bat Masterson

A patient who claims to be old Western hero Bat Masterson at a menstal institute comes to Gary's aide when he can't deal with Chicago's crime all by himself. Turns out he's no ordinary patient--he was an ex-Chicago cop Mike Killibrew who was driven towards insanity when his partner died in a shoot-out many years ago. Now he needs the help of Gary and Chief Crumb when his partner's murderer comes to town once again--but he has a hard time convincing them.

1x17: The Jury

Even an everyday hero like Gary has to succumb to jury duty--and, as usual, he find he can't get away from the paper when he finds out the suspect that the other jurors are anxious to convict may be innocent. His quest for the truth pique's the judge's anger, while a fellow female juror Linda develops a crush on Gary that leads to disaster.

1x18: Psychic

When Gary saves a woman who is in the psychic business Claire (Kathy Najimy), she pursues Gary for a partm nership in business. Gary won't comply because he thinks she's a fraud--but when a baby disappears and two desperate parents need help, Gary finds he needs the help of Claire while Merisa convinces him that a little faith won't hurt.
Quotes from "Psychic"

1x19: The Cat

Oh no! The magical Cat is sick! When Gary brings it to a vet, he unintentionally becomes involved with the vet's family matters--a mother and daughter are at odds, and Gary finds he has to mend their relationship before it's too late. Marion Ross guest stars as the mother Eunice who may have a past connection to Lucius Snow. Meanwhile, Merisa seeks to go back to college.
Quotes from "The Cat"

1x20: Phantom at the Opera

Gary seems to have found the love of his life in Emmma Shaw when he rescues her paintings from an art heist, though he finds it hard to balance the paper's demands AND the relationship. One morning, the paper reports that Emma will unite with her past love who was presumed dead for seven years. Will Gary let this happen?
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1x21: Faith

When a serious car accident sends Gary into the hospital, Gary finds he needs to prevent a little girl from having a fatal heart surgery--only he's having a hard time convincing the surgeons.

1x22: Dad

Gary's dad has a fight with his mom, so he crashes at Gary's apartment. While Gary adjusts to his father's presence, his father finds out about the paper and eagerly helps Gary out--but Gary dislikes this change and wishes to keep the paper's affairs to himself. Gary re-examines this father-son relationship when he is kidnapped and threatened by a furious father who thinks Gary is having an affair with his daughter.
Quotes from "Dad"

1x23: Love is Blind

There's been a series of incidents threatening a college professor who teaches Merisa's class, Merisa gets involved with a fellow classmate Jeffrey, and Chuck hit's on a sadistic college student. Soon Gary and Chuck find out that the potential killer is hitting a little too close to home.
Quotes from "Love is Blind"

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