02.04.02 (Mmmm Bleue) > Yes yes, I sort of redesigned the front page :D It was getting too dark and morose for me. Plus I HAD to find a place for that random bathtub racing pic <g> Very amusing to me. It's Orlando Bloom and (I believe) Billy Boyd in New Zealand whilst they were filming Lord of the Rings. Apparently those kiwis know just how to entertain ;) If you know whom I should credit for the pic, please let me know. Oh and in the process of fiddling with stuff I think I inadvertantly gave myself lots of hits on nedstat because I forget I'm always online and hitting reload gives me a hit. Oh well, too bad :p Another purpose for the redesign was so I could put up all those neat buttons, woo. What do you think? (And oh yeah, if you use shitty browsers like IE, I can't help you if the color is ugly :p My site will work with all browsers, however, as advertised :p)

02.02.02 (Relativity) > For this month's Droolworthy we have yet another Ewan from Phantom Menace. Consider these a prelude to Episode 2 :D I have a re-do (just minor things like color, graphics, buttons etc) for the front page in mind, and I also want to de-uglify the main graphic on the cinema page. Ack.

... New articles: Many people write to me asking, "Hey, Wil, couldn't we make one of these One Ring thingies using technology, and rule the world in an orgy of stupefying eeevyil?" The answer, happily, is yes. ("The One Humvee" by Wil McCarthy)

... iLoJack: A fantastic story of how AppleScript helped keep sensitive data from the prying eyes of a thief and helped recover a stolen iMac. (by macscripter.net's T.J. Mahaffey)

01.21.02 (No Accent!) > "Amelie" review added. Current events, fiddled with. Numerous articles added. C'est tout. Oh yes, and mmmm, OS 10.1 installed :D

01.15.02 (More!) > Wanted to thank Jen for linking to me in her LJ.

01.10.02 (Gold Coast Blend) > Finally finished the really-hard-to-write "Black Hawk Down" review. I feel like I've seen too many loud, blockbusterish movies lately. I wanna go see "Amelie" or "Gosford Park" or something. Even "Kate & Leopold."

01.05.02 (More!) > New favorites links added and features updated. Much more needed to be added still :-/

01.01.02 (Strange Date) > A nice high resolution Ewan for this month's Droolworthy.

12.30.01 (Faerie Queene) > Uploaded my "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" review.

12.28.01 (Happy Holidays) > By the way, the "Ocean's Eleven" review is up. I still have a buttload of reviews I need to do, though :-/ By the way, most of the articles I post have a limited lifespan because servers, especially latimes.com, don't keep them at their original URL's for long. So if a URL is invalid, the server probably archived the article somewhere else. I try to delete these expired articles on time! Oh well, have a happy new year folks, don't drink and drive, and here's to another year of procrastinating!

12.14.01 (Heals All Wounds) > Enough with Keanu. It's time for Obi-Wan Kenobi to bring balance back to the force. Hence, some Ewan droolworthies for a change. I apologize for the delay!

11.03.01 (Les Enfants) > I added a lot of articles today. I think they're well worth the read, if you're interested in that sort of thing. A sum up: "Dollar Move Doesn't Make Sense" is about the Lakers' recent waive of Brian Shaw. If he gets resigned, what Adande is talking about will still be relevant, I think. It touches upon the building and maintenance of a sports franchise. "Miller OK Under Thomas's Regimen" pays tribute to one of the greatest Bruins of all time, Reggie Miller, who is 36 and still going. "Lakers Neglect Roots" talks about the Lakers of old with the great George Mikan. The Lakers have recently decided to honor the Minneapolis Lakers, but again, the article is still worth reading if only for the sit-down with Mikan. "After 15 Years, A.C. is Off Like a Streak" is about A.C. Green, someone who--like Ron Harper--may be eclipsed by the brightness of such stars as Magic Johnson or Charles Barkley. And yet, he is an emblem of what great sportsmanship and great character ought to be. He should be remembered by the league and by its fans with the same respect they give to the stars. "Impeccable Timing" puts Michael Jordan's return in perspective, as "Rocket's Red Glare" does with the Yankees/Diamondbacks series. Finally, "Novel Security Measures" is actually a news article about the craziness we're all faced with now, about how much has changed in the past few months. Scroll down to read the articles, and other ones.

... I also added a desktop cam (courtesy of Snapperhead), but it's based on my dynamic IP, so I'll have to upload a new IP everytime I sign on. If it's not working, it's probably because I haven't bothered to do so. It's experimental, I warn ya. Scroll down to Current Events and click on desktop cam. This is to accomodate my now ever-changing desktop.

... By the way, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is a fascinating read.

10.17.01 (In Haste) > And um, a request please. If you visit this site at least semi-regularly--and I know at least two of you do, if Nedstat's not lying to me--please give me a holler. I like to know whom I'm speaking to. And those of you who were wondering: if you want to read my now-private Live Journal, e-mail me for a LJ username and password. This is not an attempt to attribute importance to my ramblings, but merely a measure taken to satisfy my whim. And oh, I now change my desktops so frequently the "current desktop" feature below is pretty much rendered useless. I'm looking for a desktop cam, however, and I'll have it up as soon as I find a decent one for OS X. I have a few minor updates I need to do, but they're not very important. The next time I write will probably be in December, or earlier if I can be bothered.

10.17.01 (Naya) > She was someone I once knew. Happy birthday Naya, wherever you are. I like to think that you're happy. That is all.

09.15.01 (No Words) > What, you thought you'd find comfort, solace, and meaning here?

09.08.01 (Something Old, Something New) > I have a new page up. It is simply titled "desktops, or wallpapers if you will." Pretty self explanatory eh? The button to your left is mostly my excuse to put Marat Safin's face on something in this site. Mr. September. There's also another new photo in the visual collection, and I've added James Joyce's "The Dead" to the literary collection. Finally got around to doing that! Please read it. It's very good. And I don't even like Joyce. I'm trying to get everything in decent order before I have to do the back to school frenzied-packing-and-organizing thing. I've been watching movies too fast for me to even write capsule reviews. Maybe I'll add them later when I can be bothered.

09.02.01 (Silly Elephant Love Songs) > Updates, updates ... new favorites features, updated favorites, a bunch of episode ii fan art posters and other things in the visual collection (including a group photo of the jedis from episode i that i absolutely love), a new exhibition in gallery, a new banner (joy, I know) ... what ever happened to condensing this site? I have a really good idea for a new menubar though. Finished Blood Work. 'Twas a good read, but Michael Connelly books always are. Go Sparks!

08.23.01 (Love, Peace, and Grease) > At last, I've updated Droolworthy. Jump for joy! It's a pic from Keanu's upcoming baseball movie. I must spotlight Michael Vartan one of these days. I also deleted the blurb about Silver Screen in the cinema section. That mailing list is all but defunct. I'm also contemplating deleting the stuff about MRQE and IMDb since I no longer post my reviews there, or I can't be arsed to anymore. I want to re-design this site again, or at least condense it since I'm thinking about getting rid of a lot of stuff. Another project I don't have time for at this moment, heh. (What do I do all day then? I don't know.) Finished Hocus Pocus. Don't really have anything to say about it. Typical Vonnegut, but I didn't find it as insightful as Slaughterhouse-Five. Other recommended Vonnegut books?

08.10.01 (Disclaiming) > New reviews up: "Planet of the Apes," "Miss Congeniality," and "Chocolat." I've decided to possibly only update things about the website on this page, and everything else on LiveJournal. I make no promises, however. I might decide to ramble here, too. But just so you know where to go to find out non-site-related stuff about me posted in a more spontaneous manner, there's this announcement. Just so, you know, I can avoid saying "I'm sorry I haven't updated" in the future. You should know, also, that most of the stuff on LJ is protected, which means you can only see it if you're a member of LJ and I list you as a friend. So if it seems like I've disappeared for days, that's probably not the case. If you really need to know, you can always e-mail and ask.

... I made a new Lakers desktop. Another season, another championship. In hindsight, though, I may have put a little too much Kobe Bryant in it. Oh well. I can't help if every photo I come across is of Kobe. :p

... I recently installed Photoshop, too (obviously), so I can get going on those featured sites updates again. And I have new photos for Droolworthy updates.

... Somebody stop me from playing too much online mahjong. Farrrrrrrrrrrr too addictive.

... Heh, how ironic is it that Dreamweaver's spellcheck does not recognize "javascript," "internet," "website," "guestbook" etc etc commonly used website words? Tsk tsk. I'm still nervous about Dreamweaver, especially when it attempts to clean up my HTML. A good thing, yes, but I like my tags flawed and human and not fiddled with by programs. Eh. So still primarily using a text editor now. Sorry if this causes any problems.

08.03.01 (Dreamweaver) > I like what I see so far. It's enough to make me rethink my previous prejudice against WYSIWYG web design applications. I'm using it to do this update right now. The "History" window is particularly interesting/unnecessary <g>. ::saves and crosses fingers::